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ENERGY BEVERAGES PVT LTD. A quality-intensive, value-based refreshment company, committed to delighting its consumers with a healthy range of wholesome, fun-filled products that are manufactured on state-of-the art technologies.

Live The Good Life!

A pure life. A life of  dynamism. Of vim and vigor.  An exuberance of fresh energy. Days and hours, filled with significant purpose,activity and vibrant pursuits. Inter-woven with some moments of magic and calmness, of quietly restoring the balance.  All of us aspire to an enriching life, of living our dreams. Nurturing our desires.

Since the year 2005, Energy Beverages (P) Ltd. has embarked on a journey: to create a  world of the good life. One that rejuvenates, refreshes and revitalizes. Through a mlange of  energy-inspiring, wholesome products like Current, Clear and Joosup.

Energy Beverages’ portfolio reflects its commitment to nourish its consumers with a diverse range of refreshing, fun-filled and healthy products. Years of experience, extensive research and a thorough understanding of Indian consumer dynamics have enriched Energy’s product base; in a short span of 9 years, it has evolved into a comprehensive, value-based refreshment enterprise.

Energy Beverages (P) Ltd. is the brainchild of Mr.Nayan Shah. His values are commitment to excellence and a positive culture. With strong dedication and vigor he has made Energy Beverages what it is today- an icon of Purity, Freshness and Vitality.

Striding leaps into a promising future

At Energy, we believe that when you put good into everything you do, you always get the best out. What hearkens true is our approach of creating delicious products with natural ingredients, indeed unique amongst the competition. We are successful today because we have followed our instincts and possess a risk-taking, entrepreneurial spirit. As we challenge ourselves to be trendsetters and not lame followers, we dedicate ourselves to bringing in intriguing product lines in novel packaging styles for our customers.

Success Stories of Zeal, Strength and Performance

On a mission to create a dynamic, competitive advantage by working closely with its member companies, Energy Beverages (P) Ltd has been able to successfully leverage on the collective strengths of its group companies, thereby maximizing potential towards achieving lasting excellence and success.

Today, Energy Beverages (P) Ltd is all set to make striding leaps into a promising future, backed by the superlative performances of its group company knowb by “Jainson Cables Pvt. Ltd.”

Jainson Cables: Laying the wires of success

The coming century will throw up major economic challenges: one of them being the need for mastering energy and interconnecting large infrastructure networks. With wires and cabling systems becoming an integral part of modern, daily life, the impressive performance of Jainson Cables underlines the relevance of channelizing energy to its optimum.

With over 45 years of solid experience, Jainson  Cables are India’s premium  manufacturers and exporters of quality wires and cables.  The company has a vast pool of expertise and experienced professionals, with Mr.H.N.Shah heading the enterprise, a technocrat who has a single-minded penchant for perfection. Endowed with efficient, state-of-the art facilities and  machineries, a modern testing laboratory for complete quality assurance of the products, Jainson Cables, known for its unique product range across the world has a strong presence in international markets, with exports to 45 countries taking place currently, making it one of the most sought after wire & cable manufacturers in the world today. Jainson Cables manufacture and export submersible pump cables, flexible cables & welding cables. What makes Jainson Cables stand out is its attention to every requirement of the customer and the rare precision with which every commitment is delivered.

2 diverse companies. Each a giant in its field of business.

With a turnover aggregating to INR 1 Billion, the company is firmly placed to take Energy Beverages (P) Ltd  to greater heights, as it readies itself with extensive plans in order to greet a brighter future. With two performance-oriented, aggressive and highly competent ensembles like Jainson Cables and Lineomatic Graphics as its group companies, Energy Beverages has some voluminous, trend-setting plans for the days ahead.

Quality is never accidental

Honest Intentions. Sincere Efforts. Intelligent Direction. Skillful Execution. Streamlined Processes. Rigorous Checkpoints. We believe Quality is about all these things. Since the day we opened our doors in 2005, we have followed an ethos that devotion to excellence, along with a dedication to our customers is paramount. We aspire to be a dynamic, evolving company that consistently delivers products of impeccable quality. We assure international quality standards through continuous innovations and technology-driven, top-of-the-class products. This would imply the use of intellectual resources- our  people, their intellectual knowledge and new product innovations in an intelligent manner. At Energy Beverages (P) Ltd, improvements through innovations have always offered a great opportunity for quality enhancement, suitably contributing to profitable growth. We possess an inherent advantage of knowing our customers’ requirements and our organization’s capabilities, which help us in leveraging  existing resources to exploit the opportunities offered in the market place.



Energy Beverages Pvt. Ltd. operates through world-class manufacturing facilities at various locations:

Gaggar Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Gaggar Enterprises aims to be a world-class, purified drinking water manufacturing company. It boasts of state-of-the-art facilities in its plant and produces purified drinking water in an amazing array of sizes.

•  An ISO 22000:2005 (Germany Certified) organization with almost a decade worth of experience in packaging & bottling of purified drinking water, with a 120BPM state-of-the art fully automatic filler machine with a capacity to manufacture over 350,000 cases/month, in a  wide variety of product sizes: 200ml, 300ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1 liter, 2 liter, 5 liters and 20 liters.

•  One of the largest bottling plants in Central Gujarat that strictly complies with BIS standards.

UniStar Enterprises

•  Has been manufacturing carbonated water/Sparkling water since the year 2002.

•  Equipped with Hymech Filler machines with a capacity to manufacture over 250 cases per day.

PetNext INC

EBPL’s latest venture, with backward integration from its bottling facility to control the quality of PET preforms, which are made from virgin resin material to ensure strength, quality and freshness of the beverages that they will contain.  We have the capability of supplying over 800MT of preforms in 10.5 & 20.5 grams that are made from virgin resin material for better strength and quality.

Reaching for the future

OUR MISSION: To be the country’s premier refreshment product company, focused on delivering a family of flavorful, great-tasting, optimum beverages that delight the customer. The essence of Energy Beverages will be to allow the customer to discover a better way that is good for “the mind, body and soul”, a way that starts by only using the highest quality ingredients sourced from socially responsible partners and vendors. The ENERGY culture is steeped in ethical, bottom-line business practices, that stay focused on our core values of PEOPLE, PLANET and PROFITS.  We seek to produce financial rewards too to our business partners, even as we provide opportunities for growth and enrichment to them, and to the communities in which we operate.

OUR VISION: We are committed to achieving business and financial success while leaving a positive impact on the environment that we are working in.  We constantly seek to ensure that our staff works as a purpose-oriented, well-integrated, cohesive team and are treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve. Through forging mutually rewarding business alliances with our partners through a robust and stable network of franchising throughout the country, we envision the company acquiring a pan-India presence in the years to come.

Energy Beverages has some great plans in the offing. Sustained growth, directing capabilities, building trust, for instance, are some of them.

• Respecting people, the environment and the communities that we work in

•  Adhering to processes that ensure proper governance

•  Holding ourselves accountable for all that we do

•  Working with a fervent passion to delight our customers

•  Balancing our approach to both short-term and long- term goals

• Selling only products that conform to high quality standards.



Divinely pure. Crystal clear. The drink of life.

We have all been told a million times that water is good for us, for water is the reason our body works the way it does. We need water to regulate our body temperatures and to provide a way for nutrients to reach the organs and vital tissues. At least twenty percent of the water we need comes from the foods we eat. The rest from the beverages we drink. Water is the best choice, because it has no calories and added ingredients. But is the water we are drinking safe? Is it pure? Is it free of dirt and salts? Is it fresh? Is it simply put, CLEAR?

CLEAR is premium quality water from the house of Energy Beverages (P) Ltd.. Ltd. It is Premium Packaged Drinking Water of the purest quality, that is packed with great care to ensure that it stays fresh. Right till the time it reaches you. Unlike other packaged water, CLEAR comes with the promise of utmost purity, as it carries the lowest levels of TDS-Total Dissolved Solids. CLEAR ensures that it is manufactured in only state-of-the-art plants which are certified by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) and ISO -22000 (Food Safety). CLEAR comes in an elegantly attractive square packaging too, just the prestigious bottle of water for you to carry around!

Packed in stringently monitored world-class conditions, with all its inherent health benefits, CLEAR is an offering of pure,fresh, clear drinking water.

Available in 200ml, 500 ml, 750ml, 1000ml & 1500ml sizes


Turn on the spark with a bolt of energy.

In today’s fast-paced environment, it doesn't take much to run out of steam. When we are low on energy, we turn to drinks loaded with sugar and calories. For peak performance and vibrant health, we need sustained and focused energy. Poor diets, lack of physical activity and the demands of our everyday lifestyle can drain us down. What one needs is an energy drink that is:

•  Time efficient and Quick in response

•  Enduring and energy-sustaining

•  Low on sugar and calories! A boon for the health-conscious!

To provide a healthy, balanced and effective source of energy that sets you up immediately is CURRENT- the synergistically  enhanced  energy drink from ENERGY BEVERAGE PVT. LTD., that will not overburden or overstimulate the body, like other energy drinks in the market. Rich in minerals and essential nutrients, CURRENT- Power Packed Energy Drink has the potential to get you going. INSTANTLY! So Indian summers need not be debilitating anymore. Loaded with Ginseng and other valuable nutrients, CURRENT is an optimal mix of carbohydrates, mineral water and essential minerals. A sip of CURRENT will refresh you to the core!

CURRENT is the ideal energy drink for teenagers, sports enthusiasts and in fact, anybody who is actively involved the whole day and needs essential replenishment in the form of energy fluids.


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